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Sertraline and Weight Loss

There are clinical trials that show some correlation between Sertraline and Weight Loss. But there has only been one study that I've found that actually looked at Sertraline HCL weight loss.

One of the major warnings in the handouts that go with a prescription warns that you should seek cousel with your doctor if you experience major Sertraline weight loss.

Looking through the documentation available you will find that in the clinical trials that have been done, there has been found a very short term effect of Sertraline on weight loss.

In the published documentation of the clinical trials, it is shown that in the course of the first 6 weeks or so, Sertraline weight loss comes to about 2-3 pounds, compared to other antidepressants that show increases in weight.

Generally this type of antidepressant medication, over the long term, causes weight gain.

Of course, one of the known side effects of Sertraline HCL is a decrease in appetite, which could lead to weight loss.

There have been no long term studies to date to the correlation of Sertraline HCL weight loss. But, then again, there haven't been any long term trials of Sertraline published yet either.

Since most Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) medications for depression, generally show an increase in weight, it is wise to embark on some form of weight loss regiment to counteract these effects.

By taking on the 7 Habits of Weight Loss, it is possible to to take experience the Positive effects of Sertraline and control potential weight gain.

Philip Kustner

If you need an Anti-Depressant, Sertraline may improve your chance of weight loss instead of gain.

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