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A Juggling Exercise Routine can Increase Metabolism

A Juggling Exercise Routine is something than almost anyone can learn to do.

It requires very little space, minimal time once learned, and has almost no startup costs other than time and patience.

Just learning to juggle can be a exercise routine all on its own. But once you get the basics down, the very act of juggling can be an absolutely incredible cardio vascular workout. It involves very high repetitions of manipulating relatively small weight.

While it is possible to go out and spend a lot of money on juggling equipment…
It can also be as inexpensive as 3 old tennis balls. (Ask a friend to donate a worn out set, or just go buy a 3 ball can wherever you find sporting goods).
All you need to do is cut a small slit in each ball, large enough to shove pennies through, and then shove 10 or 15 pennies through the slot.
This gives them enough weight and loose material inside to keep them from bouncing away from you.
If you want better grip, and some color other than yellow, just stretch a couple of rubber balloons over each of them.

As you get better, and spend more time with the balls in the air, instead of on the ground, you can add more pennies for more weight.

As part of my juggling exercise routine, I have 3 - 1 pound juggling balls that I picked up longer ago than I can remember at a juggling store.

While throwing a 1 pound ball into the air doesn't really take much effort…
Throwing a 1 pound ball into the air and catching it 300 times starts to become a pretty serious workout.

Juggling 3 balls can provide an absolutely incredible exercise routine, when you start with a standard 3 ball pattern until you start to feel the burn, switch to throwing from the outside of your pattern, move into some overhand grabs, switch to throwing under alternating legs, straighten up and alternate hands behind the back and over your shoulder...

If that doesn't give you a full body workout, I don't know what will.

The beauty of a juggling exercise routine is that it can be done anywhere in as much or as little time as you have available.

It can be a very varied routine, since there is always another trick to learn.

Each trick, can even be tailored to workout specific muscle groups.

Throwing under your legs, tightens abdominal muscles, strengthens legs, and exercises different sections of your arms than just a standard 3 ball pattern.

Tossing behind your back helps you concentrate on posture, so you stand up straighter, and gives a workout to the triceps.

But, just learning a basic 3 ball juggling pattern will also work out your whole body, as you stoop and bend to pick up the balls you drop. Not to mention the effort spent in chasing bad throws until you gain control.

Now, I'm not one to teach you juggling here...
I'm barely competent at the tricks that I do know.

But here's a few Links to some instruction available on the web.
The Instant Juggler's Manual
How to Juggle, by Mark Nizer
Learn How to Juggle 3 balls from Jason Garfield (google video)

A juggling Exercise routine can be a great way to increase metabolism.
Philip Kustner

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