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Bupropion Can Help Lose Weight

Yes, It's true...
Bupropion can help lose weight.

Bupropion is better known as the active ingredient in the Drugs Wellbutrin and Zyban

The results of a clinical trial conducted by researchers at Duke University Medical Center published in the September 12, 2001 issue of Obesity Research show that bupropion use for weight loss can be effective for long term weight loss in obese women.

The study shows that combined with a 1600 calorie per day diet Bupropion can help lose weight for obese women significanly better than the women in the trial who took a placebo while on the same diet.

OK, So, maybe bupropion can help lose weight...
But are the potential risks and side effects really worth it?

It is unlikely that you will find a doctor that will prescribe this drug for anything other than the 2 recommended uses in treating Depression (Wellbutrin) or Smoking Cessation (Zyban). But, hey, some doctors will try anything to try to get your business and may prescribe bupropion use for weight loss.

The increased risk of seizures alone, even at the maximum recommended dose should be plenty of reason to NOT take this medication for anything other than its normally prescribed reasons.

Now, some publications say that bupropion, is really, a safer alternative Antidepressant to other drugs on the market, and even has lower risk of seizures, and even has some positive side effects.

Other Antidepressants can cause sexual side effects (think lessened sex drive) Where as this drug actually has more of a tendency to increase sexual drive.

Other side effects of bupropion include increased energy, tremors, restlessness, agitation, or anxiety.

This would tend to lead one to believe that there is an effect similar to other uppers, which could cause an increase in metabolism. And, as such might make one believe in bupropion use for weight loss.

Obviously, as the author of this site, I cannot recommend bupropion use for weight loss.

There is no real substitute for eating Properly, decreasing caloric intake, exercising, and taking care of yourself for weight loss.

Philip Kustner

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